As a fishing guide, we work from several locations in the Netherlands, with the best possible facilities for boarding, launching and of course fishing. From east to west, we have three rendez-vous spots, all with different characteristics. From the Eiland van Maurik in the east/middle of the country, with it’s access to the Rhine and Lek rivers, the sand excavation of Maurik and the Amsterdam-Rhine channel, The Biesbosch in the middle/west of the country with it’s green labyrinth of creeks, streams and rivers to the lakes Hollands Diep, Haringvliet and Volkerak in the far west with their intimidating big bodies of water and specimen sized predator fish: They are the blue ribbon fishing locations of the Netherlands, providing maximum natural experience, variation in watertypes and a good chance at a catch of a lifetime!

Eiland van Maurik

The Eiland van Maurik (Island of Maurik) is a very large, old sand excavation on the Rhine. In the past decades, this area is exploited as a touristic location, so there is a lot to do in the area! From boat rentals to corporate incentives, from restaurants to the beautiful town of Tiel: This is a prime location to celebrate a couple of days off! And “prime” is also the word that comes to mind when considering predator fishing in this area! The lake itself is famous for it’s big perch. The Chrystal-clear water holds a large population of perch, with lots of them above the magic 50 centimeter-mark! Casting crankbaits, twitchbaits or softbaits from our boat is a very effective way to catch those specimen fish, and there is always a chance of pike or asp inbetween. 

The lake is also very suitable for pike fishing, and many monster pike have already been caught by trolling, casting or fishing deadbait on the fireball. With a depth of more than 25 meters, the lake is also very suitable for pelagic style fishing for very big zander. Needless to say only the lake itself already offers plenty of possibilities , but there is more! From the lake, it is possible to reach the Rhine, one of our big rivers and a prime spot for catching zander, perch, pike, asp and even wels catfish. The Rhine, especially when it’s flowing, offers typical river fishing, where we use the current to drift over many casting and vertical jigging spots. A very active and also lucrative method of fishing. After a couple of kilometers, the Rhine crosses the Amsterdam-Rhine channel. Here you’ll find a totally different scenery, dominated by industry and shipping traffic. But don’t be deceived! This channel holds a massive amount of big zander, and is an absolute hotspot for vertical jigging and pelagic sharpshooting.

For providing the best experience at the Eiland van Maurik, we cooperate with Bed and Breakfast “de Bloesemgaard”, that is located by the lake. This beautiful location ticks the boxes when it comes to quality and luxury. We offer package deals, with overnight stay and a hearty breakfast before pick up. And how about a cold beer and a glowing barbecue that’s awaiting you at the B&B after an exciting day of fishing? You ask it, we arrange it!

In short, come to the Eiland van Maurik to combine first-class fishing with a culinary and cultural experience in the heart of the Netherlands!

Biesbosch National Park

The Biesbosch National Park is a stunning place to just be in, but even better when it comes to predator fishing! The area is over 40000 acres big, and consists of many streams, creeks and canals, enclosed by the big rivers Amer in the south, and Nieuwe Merwede in the north. The overall appearance of the area is that of a mangrove-system that is found at countries around the equator, and is home to abundant wildlife. We will get eye-to-eye with roedeer, white-tailed eagle, beaver and fox on a daily basis, especially in winter and early spring. The area is big enough to cater for multiple fishing days in a row, where we don’t fish the same spot twice. The Biesbosch has many faces: from dense forest to large bodies of water, from small creeks where the boat hardly fits through, to broad canals with stoney banks.

The area is famous for excellent pike fishing. These can literally be found anywhere in the area, making pike fishing an absolute dream! Trolling, casting or vertical jigging: all techniques deliver massive amounts of pike in this area. But there is more that not anybody knows of.. The deeper parts of the area hold extremely big zander, that are hardly fished for. We already caught multiple specimen zander over 90 centimeter in this area, that all got released after catching. And don’t forget the big perch that roams here! We already got many perch over 50 centimeter here, and asp and wels catfish sometimes deliver an unexpected surprise.

Would you like to come for a multiple-day trip? For these, we cooperate with Hotel de Brabantse Biesbosch in Werkendam. This hotel is situated just next to the port of Werkendam, so you can just hop on the boat after your breakfast, and a cold beer is awaiting you in the bar after hopping off. Under the button you find more information about our guiding in the Biesbosch.

Lakes Hollands Diep, Haringvliet and Volkerak

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The big lakes Hollands Diep, Haringvliet and Volkerak form the estuarium of the big rivers Rhine and Meuse, and are a paradise for predator anglers that feel like facing a big challenge! Fishing can be tough, hard and unforgiving in these lakes, but the chance to catch a record fish is bigger than anywhere! Also my own personal best pike came from lake Haringvliet, with a length of 1.25 meter, and we’ve seen bigger ones following our lures without taking.. Not only pike fishing is prime on these lakes, also vertical jigging and casting for zander and perch is excellent. Especially Lake Hollands Diep is a very lucrative spot for zander fishing, while the water in that specific lake is a bit more murky than Haringvliet and Volkerak. Lake Hollands Diep also holds a large population of wels catfish that can be targeted pelagic-style from our boat.

Casting weedbeds for large pike is an exciting and active way to fish, where you see the pike following your lure in the Chrystal-clear water. Seducing them is not easy, but performing a “figure eight” does the trick many times. Also trolling over deeper water is a great way to catch the big predators of the deep, and can be a real gamechanger on still, clear days when the fish seems passive at first sight. This technique already saved many guiding days, where casting wan’t delivering the results we were aiming for. Of course, we have all materials and baits for every technique on board for you to use, free of charge.

When you would like to stay overnight in this area, we gladly cooperate with Hotel Trusten in Willemstad (NB) to provide you the luxury experience you wish for. This sublime hotel is situated in the historic city center of Willemstad, just a stroll away from the port, where you can hop on our boat. Willemstad is full of cafes, restaurants (one with Michelin star!) and other facilities. Just contact us for more information!